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E-commerce online stores: secure interface to your processor or PayPal, mailing list, merchant calendar.  Targeted to arts and crafts show vendors.

Communities Mailing list, forum, classified ads, calendar, online publications, announcements, photo gallery, membership directory, polls, resource scheduling, hosting.

Subscription Site Management Customer support center, host down paging, automated backup, data mirroring, mailing list management, order management database, credit-card processing, client accounting.

Custom Web Sites Complete sites made for hire.

Personal Ad Communities Search ads 16 different ways, geographic proximity searches, extensive online help, favorites, notes, galleries, forum, event calendar, chat, instant messaging, emeets.

Hosting Co-located data center, 24-hour monitoring.

Technologies Unix, Linux, Perl, Apache, CSS, MySQL, CGI, HTML

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Policy on Unsolicited Advertising
Company policy dictates that unsolicited advertising may not be sent to this system without prior written permission from the owner of the domain.  Without permission, such messages are considered to be theft of services, and the sender is subject to prosecution in a court of law.

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