Me and my friend Kjell in Sanda, Sweden, August, 1996

Me dressed up for a wedding in Franklin, Louisianna circa 1993 (yeah I can wear a tie if I have too)

Me and my friend Peter getting ready to start 5 days of backpacking on the Chilkoot Trail, Dyea, Alaska, August 1999

On a railroad excursion from Chattanooga, Tenn. to Trion, Ga. in April, 2000.

In front of the Parthenon, Athens, Greece, October 2000.

Me and my Kawasaki Concours, February 2001

Getting ready to jump out of an airplane with an instructor at 13,500 ft. February 2001, Griffin, Georgia

Outside the train station, Prague, Czech Republic, March 2001

Trying to cross the Conasauga River, Georgia in high water April 2001 with the Wilderness Network of Georgia

On the island of Mykonos, Greece, October 2000

My first attempt at flying with my dad, Duluth, Minnesota circa 1950

About to enter Wet Cave, Suwanee, Tennessee August 1998 with the Stonewall Cavers.

Getting ready to enter Sloan's Valley Cave, Kentucky, July 2001 with the Stonewall Cavers.  I'm in the back with the green caving suit and yellow helmet.  The "after" picture was not very pretty!

At the Corinth Canal, Corinthos Greece, October 2000.

About to enter Mammoth Cave, Kentucky, May 2000 with the Wilderness Network of Georgia

Backpacking on the Conasauga River, Georgia April 2001 with the Wilderness Network of Georgia

On the Greenbriar River Rail-Trail in West Virginia, September 2001

My business partners and me working the Internext 2002 show in Las Vegas, Nevada, January 2002

Obstinate cow daring us to proceed on a railroad motorcar trip, March 2002.

In the snow in Prague, Czech Republic, March 2001

The Pennsylvania/Maryland border, biking on the Great Northern Railroad Rail-Trail, July 2001

Hiking at Rocks State Park, Maryland, July 2001

At the Franz Josef Glacier in New Zealand, March 1995 (sans moustache).

Me, Mom and brother Doug, December 1993.

Ready to ride, Suches, Georgia, 27-April-2002

Howdee from TWO motorcycle resort, Suches, Georgia!  27-April-2002

Cajas National Park, Ecuador October 1999

Biking the Virginia Creeper rail-trail Adbingdon, Virginia, May 2002

In the "Jewel Box Room," Xanadu Cave, Fentress County, Tennessee, 12-May-2002

Me and my family, Christmas 2002

At the International Motorcycle Show, Atlanta, Georgia 18-Jan-2004